HRLPC Home Special Projects


From time to time, the Linear Park Committee in Manchester has an opportunity to help sponsor an Eagle Scout project; these will involve various aspects of park trail maintenance and enhancement. In these, the Eagle Scout candidate supervises all aspects of design and also participates in the activity itself.

In May, 2012, there was such a project. In it, Eagle candidate Jonathon Maidment was to prepare the site for a boardwalk beneath the observation platform at Northwest Park, on the Union Pond trail. The surface beneath the platform had been eroding away for several years, so a boardwalk was constructed to allow hikers to more easily pass beneath the platform. Part of the project also required the burying of a drainage pipe, which had been accelerating the erosion process. The platform measures 6' x 24'. The Linear Park Committee purchased the construction materials for Jon.

Following are pictures of this project. Click on any of these icons to "walk" through the gallery of pictures. Photos are by Doug Smith.