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Note: While this group of photos are not, strictly speaking, images of "trail" maintenance, they do reflect a significant effort on the part of the Vernon Greenways Volunteers and assoicated people engaged in clearing the Hockanum River in Vernon during June and September, 2014, thereby opening it up to canoe/kayak usage. Volunteers taking part in this cleanup include Jerry Kinsman, Dave Wolf, Tony Esposito, Dick Tucker, Janet & Jeff Schmidt, Jim Richter, Alex Blanchet, Michael Blanchet, Michelle Gentes, Rob Grassis, and Fred Kracki.

This first group of photos was taken in June, 2014.   Click on any image to bring up the entire group.

This next group of photos was taken in September, 2014. Workers cleared another section of some very large trees and accumulated brush. (And a full cooler of old beer!) Participants this day were Michael Blanchett, Michelle Gentes, Paul Collin, Dan Kinsman, Chris Lalime and Fred Kracke   Click on any image to bring up the entire group.

The following images are of paddling the Hockanum River once that section was cleared. The route map at right, which can be clicked on and expanded separately from the paddling images, follows the path along which the canoeists traveled.
Click on any paddling image to bring up the entire group.