The Hockanum River Linear Park Committee, Manchester, Ct initiated a memorial tree planting program to recognize each member that has passed away after 1994.



The first group of trees, 5-foot White Pines, was planted in the Laurel Marsh on the Stone Dust Loop in memory of:

J. Arthur Joyce died in 1994 Tree planted November, 2000

John Iagrossi died in 1998

William F. Lautenbach died in 1999

Harvey T. King died in 2000


Two of these White Pines were planted on the west side of the river over the Laurel Marsh Footbridge and two were planted along Hop Brook on the Stone Dust Loop.


A memorial service was held for these 4 members, near the Footbridge for the families and Committee members on December 23, 2000 with Harveys daughter, the Reverend Gini King presiding.



The next group of Austrian Pines was planted upstream from Cheney technical School close to the river in memory of:

Ted Potocki died in March, 2002 Tree planted August, 2004

Wayne Falk died in February, 2004 Tree planted February, 2004



The next tree, a White Pine, was planted in memory of Marjorie McMenemy in the same triangle.

Marjorie McMenemy died in April, 2006 Tree planted November, 2006



The next Memorial Tree, Austrian Pine was planted on Bryan Island in Memory of:

Allan Bean died in early 2006 Tree planted May, 2006

A bench was erected nearby.



The next Austrian Pine was planted near the river on New State Road in Hilliard Park in memory of Luc St Pierre.

Luc St Pierre died in October 2006 Tree planted November 2007



The next Austrian Pine was planted on Bryan Island in memory of Ray and Betty Schaller.

Ray Schaller died in March, 1999

Betty Schaller died in August, 2007 Tree planted August 30, 2008



The next tree was a Bosnian variety of Austrian Pine, Pinus leucodermis, 6 feet tall, planted on Bryan Island, Hockanum River in memory of Glenn Cornish.

Glenn Cornish died in May, 2009 Tree planted on October 3, 2009

A memorial service was held by Alison Cornish with 32 family and committee members present.



The next tree planted on Bryan Island was an 8 foot Golden Weeping Willow in memory of Ed Wait.

Edward Wait died in 2010 Tree planted on October 23, 2010



The next tree planted was a Flowering Dogwood in memory of

Sam G. Harrison died on August 15, 2011 Tree planted in October, 2011

behind #7 Nutmeg Lane, Ellington, CT, with Pond Vista, and a bench will be erected in Jan. 2012.