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On June 1, 2018, the Town of Manchester formally renamed Bryan Island, which is part of the Oakland Hiking Trail in Manchester, to be Doug Smith Island. This award was made in recognition of his work in leading a group of volunteers in creating and maintaining the 16 miles of hiking trails along the Hockanum River in Manchester.

Also, in the June 3 edition of the Hartford Courant, Peter Marteka wrote an article describing his own memories of the ceremony and of Doug, the trail, and the Hockanum River itself.

> By clicking Dedication Announcement you can see a reproduction of the announcement of the ceremony.

> And by clicking Peter Marteka Reprint you can access a reprint of the article, should it no longer be available online.

Below is a series of photos, primarily taken by Jeff Feldmann, before and during the dedication ceremony. Within these there are links to excerpts of comments made by Hockanum River Committee members Jon Mercier and Jeff Feldmann, and Steve Gates of the Manchester Board of Directors. There is also a facsimile of the proclamation renaming this to be Doug Smith Island.


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