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The old footbridge across the Hockanum River just upstream from the Tolland Turnpike was built by the Connecticut State Department of Transportation (DOT) in 1951, adjacent to a narrow 2-lane vehicle bridge, to accommodate the many paper mill workers and students in this Oakland area of Manchester.

The bridge deteriorated over many years of exposure, and Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) funding facilitated replacement for Hockanum River Hiking Trails use in 2006.

Terry Contracting and Materials, Inc. of Stratford, CT won the contract for the replacement work. Their staff cleared an area for construction access, removed the old bridge in one piece, reinforced the old abutments, and installed a new 80-foot Cor-Ten® ("weathered") steel bridge, fabricated by the Continental Bridge Company in Alexandria, MN.

The bridge was delivered in 2 halves and bolted to full length on-site. It was then moved by crane and bolted into place. The construction area was graded with new topsoil and hydroseeded with a wildflower & grass mix.

This new bridge provides links to 2 Hockanum River hiking trail loops up and down the stream, the Oakland Trail and the Union Pond Trail.

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Note: This is 1 of 3 bridges of this type found on the Manchester Hockanum River trails. The other 2 are on the Laurel Marsh Trail and at Union Park adjacent to the Union Pond Trail.

Cor-Ten® is a registered trademark of United States Steel Corporation