The following groups of pictures are taken from photographs found in the Hockanum River Watershed Area's photos and photos from each of the 4 Towns' segments.

Not all of the photos in those segments are shown in these slide-show cycles, but enough are to give the viewer a good sense of the activities and of the types of scenery you'll encounter when on the Hockanum River and its trails.

Click on the cycle of slide-show photos you wish to see...

Fall Foliage             Trail Walks
Canoe / Kayak             Trails Maintenance
Laurel Marsh Trail in Winter             Ellington Canoe Paddle 2007
2004-2005 Fall/Winter Memories             Adams Mill Gorge Rebuild 2013-2014
March, 2015 Vernon Snowshoeing             May, 2015 Vernon Canoe/Kayaking

In addition to these slide shows, on the Town of Manchester's "Silk City Television" website there is a slide show on the early days of the Hockanum River Linear Park Committee in Manchester. It was made in the mid-1970s; and in early 2014 Doug Smith, who heads up the Committee narrated it.

The show can be accessed by clicking the link below, and then the "Watch Now" button which comes up. It runs for 54 minutes.

Hockanum River Linear Park Committee - An Early History.

Chez Ben Diner Review

Strictly speaking, the Chez Ben Diner is not part of the Hockanum River maintenance operations. However, the Manchester volunteers repair there after morning trailwork, for coffee and maintenance-related discussions. In June, 2014, the Diner was reviewed by "The Feast" segment of NBC Connecticut television. Since the 5-minute review is available online, we've decided to include it here.